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                   Practice soak foot bath with water or salt hill is a daily requirement to stimulate the taste of freshness in any of the organs in the body that have lost energy and vibration. Soak with pure mountain water salt will stimulate certain vitamins and reduce the type of material that “homosistina” failed to be digested and blood stain in the body.



3.3.1  Nutrients to shower and feet with Salt Hill: 


1)  Launch blood circulation throughout the body

2)  Helps remove body toxins and get to prevent virus

3)  Induced muscle pain, joint sakit2, out of breath & leg muscle cramps and fatigue-reducing foot pain after standing all day & running

4)  He’ll help treat broken legs I / fissure

5)  Freshen up the numb-numb-and bellow

6)  Launched the blood circulation, reduce toxic, fat / cholesterol in addition to activating blood circulation

7)  Helping senior citizens and chronic diseases



 3.3.2        How to use :


   i.            Shower


1) To enter the body infusion 2 to grasp the double salt with enough water to dissolve salt and leave for approximately 1 hour

2) After the salt dissolves fill hot water temperature by


   ii.            Infusion Foot


1) Take 2 spoon salt until soluble in hot water 1 inch

2) Soak feet for 30 minutes