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          Salt Hill Food contribute to biochemical functions of the body& body contains all 84 types of minerals and the need for elemen2 I help you achieve optimum health when the dissolve in water with appropriate percentage. It helps control blood pressure said that the balance of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium

          Salt hill is encouraged to any element of the weak. Salt will be dampened all dirt and very effective as cleaning agents. Salt also has the power bleaching which is environmentally friendly and it is also used to fertilize soil.

          Salt used in cooking salt that is now we have only processed into sodium chloride, which is why salt processed these will cause problems if taken with high blood pressure excess. Also than that, pure salt hill higher than the food value of sea salt that we take daily.

          Nowadays, a salt hill is most popular to medical practitioners and individuals who are concerned about aspects of health and beauty of their bodies. Color foundation for the pure salt hill is pink, white and slightly gray.



3.4.1    How to use it


              Applying feel a little beet of salt before and after each meal will promote the consumption of food such as proteins to be digested and analyzed several types of amino acids and certain enzymes subsequently channeled through the kidneys.



3.4.2    Benefits of using salt for cooking hill




1)     Holistic

2)     More minerals

3)     Natural resources

4)     Crystal most balanced

5)     No coloring material

6)     Not contaminated

7)     Not altered

8)     No material toxins

9)     Highest grade salt

10)  Most flavored cuisine