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              In Biochemistry and Biophysical light salt mountain help balance the human body to neutralize the function of the energy vibration rhythm of nature.


            Did you know that use electricity everyday hardware tools such as computers, television, radio, air-conditioning and cigarette smoke can affect the level of air quality in your environment? Excess positive ions produced have caused shortages and imbalances that affect the quality of fresh air. It also affects the physical and emotional health. To restore the balance of negative ions is very important for health, we need to improve air quality in areas such as mountains and waterfalls that we have be aware about the fresh air.

             Scientific studies Bio-Research Institute of Physical Germany find relief from the heat rock salt crystals could restore air quality. Salt is nature (neutral). When heated, it will release the negative ion particles into the air. These negative ions could kill bacteria and clean the air even in small quantities.

             Light salt mountain is one step alternative to clean air at present. This light widespread throughout the world. It can be found in mountain areas in Asia. It has been carefully developed to preserve the uniqueness and natural shapes.

             Billions of negative ions produced naturally through wind, sun, waterfalls, rain storms and waves foam. These places provide the air so refreshing for our good. Generally negative ions are oxygen molecules that are charged electronically. Positive ions in the air are a molecule that has been lost through the process of electronic air pollution.


3.1.1     Ways to use Herbs Light


       i.    Edge Roll
             Safe to use as a night light and make a beautiful evening and romantic atmosphere of harmony.

      ii.    Office
             Concentration can increase the level of work in addition to clean air space and reduce stress.

      iii.    Reading Room
              To create a refreshing atmosphere in the process of learning or reading the older.

      iv.    Edge Computer Desk or Office
              Very suitable and not only beautiful but also reduce the radiation from the monitor screen.

       v.    Treatment or therapy room
              To create a peaceful atmosphere and clean air around the room.

      vi.    Rest space or Living Room
              whether at home or in office, be a beautiful decoration and can enjoy the harmony.

     vii.    Smoking area
              Can eliminate the unpleasant odor quickly

    viii.    Feng Shul
              An adding energy in the room when placed at strategic places.


3.1.2        How to care


1)  Rock salt contains "hygroscope" means remove it from the liquid environment, so they stay out of water.

2)  Tempt put on dry or cold at all times.

3)  Not occasionally put out the lights in the area exposed to light. It will cause a wet rock salt. By installing lights allow it to dry quickly.

4)  Rock salt lamps can be installed each time for good ventilation.


3.1.2    Benefits of Herbs light


1)   Residential release you from harassment by mosquitoes and small insect.

2)   Clean and freshen the air around your residence as you are naturally in the environment waterfalls.

3)   Residential environment free from all your threat of radioactive radiation produced by electrical appliances used.

4)   Ion Negative issued by the lamp to kill bacteria around your home and make your family healthy and rarely suffers from fever, cough and colds.

5)   Reduce asthma attacks for asthma patients

6)   Increase capacity and add spiritual energy lust

7)   Eliminate snoring sound asleep in sleep

8)   Make your sleep quality, soundly and body fresh when you wake up from sleep

9)   Relieves sinus, migraine, headache, fever, asthma, coughs and colds

10) Eliminates odor and unpleasant smell around your home quickly

11) Provide spiritual and humble tension during worship