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              Himalayan mountain salt is a derived from the Himalayan Mountains and is in its original form. It is the most nutritious organic salt; the most clean and has the structure geometric crystalline very perfect. It contains all the elements in the human body.

              Himalayan Mountain salt is a different from ordinary fine salt that is processed which is the sodium content sodium passive with increased blood pressure. Salt process will harmful when "cleaning" also disappear elements potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron should work with sodium. Salt is a mercy from God that can be enjoyed and not necessarily feared by harmful.

              Salt hill to improve the quality of all things mixed with there. The function as a catalyst in chemical reactions therefore very necessary in the digestion of food and digestion, reduce wind and gastric problems. It launched a very efficient blood flow; stimulate the glands to remember hormones, amino acids, minerals and vitamins by the body's organs. It is rich in iodine and calcium in the body is able to balance the minerals that are important to prevent osteoporosis.




1) Salt increase metabolism and break down fat and cholesterol network

2) Launch a flow of bile juice; it is important in controlling weight.

3) Can thrower toxins and uric acid, thereby treating the problem of gout and sore heel.

4) Salt contains elements of cleansing, slime remover, is absorbent and prevent odor and thereby prevent damage to the stomach poisoning

5) Salt could absorb the inert gas in the stomach and intestines.

6) Salt stimulates the thyroid gland is important in building strong bones (bone mineralization)

7) Be efficient conductor

8) Launched salt nervous system and neuron flow Transmitters which send signals to the brain.

9) Characteristics of salt absorption is an important factor in the treatment of cancer is a disease that policy.

10) Salt increases oxygen content in the blood that is necessary to weaken the virus cancer.


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